Friday, April 16, 2010

if the music gets you high,
do not stumble on your lies,
we're inside the blinking eyes,
see your cause into the night.

If you tumble then you feel,
if you felt the fall was real
then you would not say goodnight,
... you would sing a lulliby.

a sword tears seams on common ground,
just how long has this truth been 'round?
We call up garments of lovely lace,
but dare not show then your whole face?
Querent quivers with what comes next
... do you bless or may in fact a hex?

secrets worry, secrets bind
if there for all to surely find.
Depths consume and depths compel ...
'ere even writ, the depths of hell.

For utter righteousness unwronged
should there be worked up as a song.

Magic does indeed appeal,
but for all in all, what counts for real?

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