Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Rose in Sketch.

From the lost works of Nathan Moschkin: A Rose in Sketch.

Abstracts & Symmetries

From the lost works of Nathan Moschkin: Abstracts & Symmetries

Light Doodle

From the lost works of Nathan Moschkin: 7th Dimensional Light Doodle Named Bedo.

Come To Mind.

From the lost works of Nathan Moschkin: Come To Mind.

Light Ode To Santiago.

From the lost works of Nathan Moschkin: Light Ode To Santiago.

Litany Prime.

The word is the cosmos.

Autumn included.

From the lost works of Nathan Moschkin: Litany Prime.

Intermediate Steps.

This is a rare intermediate canvas I found in and amongst the various lost works and all that.

This was the template that I saved when I was doing "The Apocalypse" that I finally realized what I was on to and I had to preserve at least this construction ... and I had deleted all the other ones when I had actually done the work.

... it's funny, because I lost the original master copy to this entire piece, including the final.  All I have left are the JPGs ... because I got mad at it, one day.

From the lost works of Nathan Moschkin:  Apocalypse - Intermediate 18.  

(In retrospect, I should have extended those blue and green circuits on the left side.  Maybe I will in a revision...)

Unfinished Grey.

Some of my works are actually parts of larger works that went unfinished or were completely abandoned.

Again, coming back on this one, I can see the abstract implications of how I left it, and what it stands for.

From the lost works of Nathan Moschkin: Unfinished Grey.

The original "Vision."

This is the original version of what I call on my website "St. Matthew's In a Polydigm."

Appropriately, the original work is titled "Vision."

If you study this one, you'll see where I took an small section and made it into its own painting, the Dharma Kaya.

Such is the nature of all art.  It is as an expression of one's being. One's being, may, at times, be incredibly detailed.

From the lost works of Nathan Moschkin: The Vision.

The Bigger Picture

If you have a keen eye, you'll see where it's all coming from, now.

I derived so MANY works from this one abandoned work that I did... and I saw too many things, and I thought to myself, at the time, well, I can't really finish this without finishing every detail... and each detail that I got to eventually turned into its own painting ... and then I got a job and found no time for this work.  But I really do mean to come back to some of this, one day.

From the lost works of Nathan Moschkin: The Bigger Picture.

5D Pagoda

I had completely forgotten about this work.  Actually.  I remembered the work, in theory, but I did not remember how advanced it had gotten.

I was spurred by a conversation with an old friend about things that he had sent to me, over the years, and whether I still possessed these things.

That's when I decided to spelunk down the years of my hard drive... and go back in to my archives and I found a bunch of these master copies and abandoned works and just absolutely forgotten about shit, altogether.

I have managed to preserve most of my archive since 1997, over the course of about 7 different computers.

This one was completed at the end of 2000.  I literally forgot that I had gotten to this extent with this work.

I considered it abandoned, then.  Coming back to it, I now realize that it is complete.

It never made it to my website ... and now I'm frustrated because I can't even edit my own website, anymore.  Verizon is such a bastard.

Then again, I also had ample warning.  I guess if I nagged them, enough, I could get them to at least delete my website so I can upload it somewhere else.  But while this profile is out there, it has to represent me.  So ... there you go.

From the catalogs of the lost works of Nathan Moschkin: The Five Dimensional Pagoda.