Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Rose in Sketch.

From the lost works of Nathan Moschkin: A Rose in Sketch.

Abstracts & Symmetries

From the lost works of Nathan Moschkin: Abstracts & Symmetries

Light Doodle

From the lost works of Nathan Moschkin: 7th Dimensional Light Doodle Named Bedo.

Come To Mind.

From the lost works of Nathan Moschkin: Come To Mind.

Light Ode To Santiago.

From the lost works of Nathan Moschkin: Light Ode To Santiago.

Litany Prime.

The word is the cosmos.

Autumn included.

From the lost works of Nathan Moschkin: Litany Prime.

Intermediate Steps.

This is a rare intermediate canvas I found in and amongst the various lost works and all that.

This was the template that I saved when I was doing "The Apocalypse" that I finally realized what I was on to and I had to preserve at least this construction ... and I had deleted all the other ones when I had actually done the work.

... it's funny, because I lost the original master copy to this entire piece, including the final.  All I have left are the JPGs ... because I got mad at it, one day.

From the lost works of Nathan Moschkin:  Apocalypse - Intermediate 18.  

(In retrospect, I should have extended those blue and green circuits on the left side.  Maybe I will in a revision...)

Unfinished Grey.

Some of my works are actually parts of larger works that went unfinished or were completely abandoned.

Again, coming back on this one, I can see the abstract implications of how I left it, and what it stands for.

From the lost works of Nathan Moschkin: Unfinished Grey.

The original "Vision."

This is the original version of what I call on my website "St. Matthew's In a Polydigm."

Appropriately, the original work is titled "Vision."

If you study this one, you'll see where I took an small section and made it into its own painting, the Dharma Kaya.

Such is the nature of all art.  It is as an expression of one's being. One's being, may, at times, be incredibly detailed.

From the lost works of Nathan Moschkin: The Vision.

The Bigger Picture

If you have a keen eye, you'll see where it's all coming from, now.

I derived so MANY works from this one abandoned work that I did... and I saw too many things, and I thought to myself, at the time, well, I can't really finish this without finishing every detail... and each detail that I got to eventually turned into its own painting ... and then I got a job and found no time for this work.  But I really do mean to come back to some of this, one day.

From the lost works of Nathan Moschkin: The Bigger Picture.

5D Pagoda

I had completely forgotten about this work.  Actually.  I remembered the work, in theory, but I did not remember how advanced it had gotten.

I was spurred by a conversation with an old friend about things that he had sent to me, over the years, and whether I still possessed these things.

That's when I decided to spelunk down the years of my hard drive... and go back in to my archives and I found a bunch of these master copies and abandoned works and just absolutely forgotten about shit, altogether.

I have managed to preserve most of my archive since 1997, over the course of about 7 different computers.

This one was completed at the end of 2000.  I literally forgot that I had gotten to this extent with this work.

I considered it abandoned, then.  Coming back to it, I now realize that it is complete.

It never made it to my website ... and now I'm frustrated because I can't even edit my own website, anymore.  Verizon is such a bastard.

Then again, I also had ample warning.  I guess if I nagged them, enough, I could get them to at least delete my website so I can upload it somewhere else.  But while this profile is out there, it has to represent me.  So ... there you go.

From the catalogs of the lost works of Nathan Moschkin: The Five Dimensional Pagoda.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Quickening

...... to test the teeth of what, the beast,

laughter, languid from the toil, the breath of

hatred and of rage, attesting to this mortal coil?

twixted the patterns, twine and tweed,

whistling at the pretty deed,

amen for fasting from all thoughts,

that could wager from their greed.

helas the marketeer and his race, gave pause

to the man with a mask on his face, to pay the

dues and seal his fate, from the tax of his head

to the bargaining plate,

on wall street, that's where walls cave in,

a shot in the dark, or a stale-air win?

freemason, freeman, marching home,

the cotton-pickers fate could not be known,

and if in his flesh he burdens right,

the burning of his brightest flight,

across the ocean, once in a score,

to collect a debt or debit some more,

perhaps the phrase "time and again,"

were words that could have soothed him then.....

checkers and chess, failure at best,

the cow lays down, her utters to rest,

filthy scorn, and laughter from adores,

twelfth hour setting on the lawn in a storm......

Friday, March 11, 2011


The wind whispered cries, but the men paid them no mind. Shelter was a long forgotten notion, and the dead were but a foundation upon which shame and indignation were to build. If only men's minds were like earthquakes, and would themselves subside, perhaps we could clear a path through the fog of terror. But here, with so much up for grabs, Tantalus, himself, it seems, had arrived to over-see the operation.

Friday, April 16, 2010

if the music gets you high,
do not stumble on your lies,
we're inside the blinking eyes,
see your cause into the night.

If you tumble then you feel,
if you felt the fall was real
then you would not say goodnight,
... you would sing a lulliby.

a sword tears seams on common ground,
just how long has this truth been 'round?
We call up garments of lovely lace,
but dare not show then your whole face?
Querent quivers with what comes next
... do you bless or may in fact a hex?

secrets worry, secrets bind
if there for all to surely find.
Depths consume and depths compel ...
'ere even writ, the depths of hell.

For utter righteousness unwronged
should there be worked up as a song.

Magic does indeed appeal,
but for all in all, what counts for real?

Friday, July 17, 2009

More evidence of life on Mars.

Isn't Mars beautiful in the summer? This is an official European Space Agency picture.

Here is original link. The image is actually very large. You might want to go to the ESA website for a clearer view of what is going on, here. To be fair, the ESA says these are sulfate deposits ... but why Lowell saw them shift with the seasons is another happy little investigation, and honestly, I like my imagination, better. This does look an awful lot like a forest ...

Of course, we've always known that Mars has blue skies. I had a picture here, but apparently the site is down, and I would just prefer you go to Kieth Laney's site, directly, anyway.

Here are some more links that you might find valuable:

The Hidden Colors of Mars.
Beautiful pictures of the real Mars ... with blue skies, and a little information you may find interesting.

Trees and Vegetation on Mars, More Images.
This is the original article where the above picture was linked from. All pictures are linked from the ESA ... because, of course, everything really good seems to still come from Europe.

Keith Laney's Mars Photography Website.
Color calibrated collection of photos from the Mars landers.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ancient Technology and Wisdom

This one has a lot of interesting links, there's also a separate series by the same man (you don't have to buy anything, just click "view full report")

and this one:

You will probably want to read every article on both of the above pages.

They also knew what "dark matter" was, the stuff that scientists are trying to wrap their heads around, now.  They said that the universe of the dark-matter can be combined in a certain way with the light universe (this universe) to bring forth new creation.  The old story goes something like the dark was split in two, and created light and the remnant darkness, as well ... and that the deep was tapped for the creation of all things.  REALLY fascinating.

... there's even a few paragraphs in the Rig Veda that describes exactly how to make a battery and to induce the electrolysis of water ... Brown's gas :

The Agastya Samhita, an ancient Indian text, gives directions on how to make a battery: "Place a well-cleaned copper plate in an earthenware vessel. Cover it first by copper sulfate and then moist sawdust. After that put a mercury-amalgamated-zinc sheet on top of an energy known by the twin name of Mitra-Varuna. Water will be split by this current into Pranavayu and Udanavayu. A chain of one hundred jars is said to give a very active and effective force." By the way, Mitra-Varuna is now called cathode-anode, and Pranavayu and Udanavayu are to us oxygen and hydrogen, respectively.


The hymn 1.50 of the Rigveda on the Sun, says
[O Sun] you who traverse 2,202 yojanas in half a nimesa. The usual
meaning of yojana is about 9 miles as in the Artha shastra and for nimesha.
The measures of time are thus defined in the Puranas:
15 nimesa = 1 kastha
30kastha= 1 kala
30 kala = 1 muhurta
30 muhurta = 1 day-and-night

A nimesa is therefore equal to 16/75 seconds.
That ratio equals out to about 189,500 miles per second.
It does come very close to the correct figure of 186,200 miles per second... and we don't know the precise measurements used by the ancients, so we could possibly figure that the discrepancy in the two numbers is the result of historical error.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Armored Amphibious Assault Tank:

Job 41

1 "Can you pull in the leviathan with a fishhook
or tie down his tongue with a rope?

2 Can you put a cord through his nose
or pierce his jaw with a hook?

3 Will he keep begging you for mercy?
Will he speak to you with gentle words?

4 Will he make an agreement with you
for you to take him as your slave for life?

5 Can you make a pet of him like a bird
or put him on a leash for your girls?

6 Will traders barter for him?
Will they divide him up among the merchants?

7 Can you fill his hide with harpoons
or his head with fishing spears?

8 If you lay a hand on him,
you will remember the struggle and never do it again!

9 Any hope of subduing him is false;
the mere sight of him is overpowering.

10 No one is fierce enough to rouse him.
Who then is able to stand against me?

11 Who has a claim against me that I must pay?
Everything under heaven belongs to me.

12 "I will not fail to speak of his limbs,
his strength and his graceful form.

13 Who can strip off his outer coat?
Who would approach him with a bridle?

14 Who dares open the doors of his mouth,
ringed about with his fearsome teeth?

15 His back has rows of shields
tightly sealed together;

16 each is so close to the next
that no air can pass between.

17 They are joined fast to one another;
they cling together and cannot be parted.

18 His snorting throws out flashes of light;
his eyes are like the rays of dawn.

19 Firebrands stream from his mouth;
sparks of fire shoot out.

20 Smoke pours from his nostrils
as from a boiling pot over a fire of reeds.

21 His breath sets coals ablaze,
and flames dart from his mouth.

22 Strength resides in his neck;
dismay goes before him.

23 The folds of his flesh are tightly joined;
they are firm and immovable.

24 His chest is hard as rock,
hard as a lower millstone.

25 When he rises up, the mighty are terrified;
they retreat before his thrashing.

26 The sword that reaches him has no effect,
nor does the spear or the dart or the javelin.

27 Iron he treats like straw
and bronze like rotten wood.

28 Arrows do not make him flee;
slingstones are like chaff to him.

29 A club seems to him but a piece of straw;
he laughs at the rattling of the lance.

30 His undersides are jagged potsherds,
leaving a trail in the mud like a threshing sledge.

31 He makes the depths churn like a boiling caldron
and stirs up the sea like a pot of ointment.

32 Behind him he leaves a glistening wake;
one would think the deep had white hair.

33 Nothing on earth is his equal—
a creature without fear.

34 He looks down on all that are haughty;
he is king over all that are proud."

Thermonuclear Weapon:

The Mahabharata

flying a swift and powerful vimana
hurled a single projectile

Charged with all the power of the Universe.

An incandescent column of smoke and flame

As bright as the thousand suns

Rose in all its splendour...

a perpendicular explosion
with its billowing smoke clouds...

...the cloud of smoke
rising after its first explosion
formed into expanding round circles
like the opening of giant parasols... was an unknown weapon,
An iron thunderbolt,
A gigantic messenger of death,
Which reduced to ashes
The entire race of the Vrishnis and the Andhakas.

...The corpses were so burned
As to be unrecognizable.

The hair and nails fell out;
Pottery broke without apparent cause,
And the birds turned white.

After a few hours
All foodstuffs were infected... escape from this fire
The soldiers threw themselves in streams
To wash themselves and their equipment.

Monday, June 15, 2009

If you elect people into positions of power and trust them to tell you how free you actually are then you are not actually free.

Government is the most dangerous threat to human existence that the world has ever known.

Religion is cynical old men telling the huddled masses that they are defeating the enemy by enduring their suffering for God.

There is no more of an excuse for someone to insist that they are right than when they have great wealth behind them.

People who coin witty sayings often do so from the shallowest part of their character.

(All attributed to yours truly ... well, okay, I stole a few).

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I think I've figured it out.

Cycles exist as "things," they're like objects, when perceived from a vantage beyond the realm of time.

... when the sun has risen, it has already set.
... that which is new is already old.
... that which is bright is already dim.

: what is beyond time? Eternity.
What is beyond Eternity? The Absolute.

What is beyond the Absolute?

a) Nothing
b) Nothing - Then Everything once more.
c) Eternity once more.
d) That which simply is.
e) Figure it out, yourself, why are you asking me?
f) All of the Above (somehow).
g) None of the Above (somehow).
h) The Absolute Once More.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Thicket.

The Thicket of Yvette.

The ghostly and supernatural tale of a French forest maiden.

Just ... you know, before I forgot about it.