Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blagojevich the disgusting.

What a healthy sack of ripe shit that man is, eh?

Putting the old senate seat up for sale wasn't slimy enough...

But threatening to revoke an $8 million grant for Chicago's children's hospital because its director didn't fork over 50k?!

: and we elected Obama ... a man who climbed out of the bottomless pit of Illinois politics to become president of the United States. Let's hope we're looking at an exception, here, and not the rule. -- as rules go, the one about Illinois politics is a strange bird, indeed.

Certainly, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely ... but man do they ever do it deep-dish style in Chicago.

Audacious to the 9's, Blagojevich has now refused to even resign his office. With that child-blood-sucking smirk on his face, still fresh from his attempt at the senate, himself, he goes about his day, the sheer delusions of a man who spent years being groomed to be prouder than his worth as a human being would extoll him to be.

It certainly heartens me that evil is so dumb.

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