Friday, December 12, 2008


Rarely solve problems because they have an amazing ability to not listen to the people with the real solutions.

Government is corrupt and soggy.

Think of how far advanced we'd be if NASA hadn't been holding up our technology for so long? Government spells waste... it just does.

There are great inventions out there that will never get taken off the shelf ... either because they wouldn't make anyone rich or just because someone out there wants a little demented control.

: and even if the technology is proven, it takes years and years of red tape, patents, testing, setbacks and policy/fund feuds to see any of it fruit.

Sigh... too bad people are only in it for the money and power. But those who are wicked cannot speak for the rest of us, or about us, for that matter : they do not represent humanity at all, much less its finer points.

No, indeed, they represent our gullibility : that people like them have any power at all.

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